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Slip-and-falls can happen anytime, but winter increases risk

Comedies and cartoons would have you believe that the worst fallout from a slip-and-fall would be a bruised bottom and ego. Contrary to how they are depicted for entertainment sake, slip-and-fall accidents typically don't involve banana peels. Also, when a slip-and-fall incident happens in the real world, it is often anything but funny. They can happen to anyone, but can be particularly devastating to the elderly. Many times, serious injuries or even death can result from a slip-and-fall.

Truckers are at high risk of suffering from back pain

Driving a truck for hours on end can easily lead to severe back pain. When an individual sits for long periods of time, it causes the lower spine to compress and puts pressure on the discs and nerves. This can cause damage to the back that only gets worse the longer the person stays in a seated position. Also, heavy lifting can contribute to back issues as well. Both of these scenarios are ones that truck drivers face every day.

Outlet mall liability: If you fall, the mall may be to blame

You're a major fan of the local outlet malls, so you take time to visit them at least twice a month. You're a regular there, and many store owners know you. That's why you're so frustrated that you've gotten hurt on the property. These people see you as more than a customer, but you still weren't safe.

Did you develop a work-related disease because of asbestos?

For many years, exposure to asbestos was part of the job for people in a range of professions. For these unfortunate people, the potential for serious, even life-threatening diseases is very real. Mesothelioma, an aggressive and frequently deadly cancer, is often correlated to ongoing asbestos exposure.

Back injuries at work could lead to permanent disability

You may have worked for years with a certain company, whether it's a construction business or an iron works company. Day in and day out, you faithfully perform your duties. Then, one day, you turn to the side or straighten up and feel an unimaginable pain in your back. You can barely hold yourself up, let alone carry and handle materials. You may feel tempted to try to push through the pain, but doing so could result in an even worse injury.

Appealing your New Jersey workers’ comp denial

When you go to work in the morning, you do not expect to leave on a stretcher in the afternoon. You expect your workplace to be safe, so you do not spend a lot of time thinking about what will happen if you suffer a work-related injury. Your boss has workers' compensation insurance, so if anything does happen, you should receive benefits.

Slip-and-fall accidents are a risk to people of all ages

When you think of serious slip-and-fall accidents, you may imagine that only the elderly are at real risk. After all, it's easy to imagine someone who is frail and suffering from osteoporosis sustaining serious injuries when he or she falls. It's harder to picture a healthy adult or a child getting seriously hurt because of a slip-and-fall accident.

Did you work with asbestos and now have a cancer diagnosis?

Sometimes, medical science doesn't recognize the danger of certain substances until there are a number of illnesses related to it. It was true of tobacco and cigarette additives, and it was also true of the popular mineral product asbestos. Asbestos was used in cement, plastics, insulation, brake shoes and ceiling or floor tiles, to name some of the most common applications. Many people who worked with older automobiles, performed house remodels and similar work or worked in locations that used asbestos to make products have developed cancers as a result of prolonged exposure to asbestos.

What does New Jersey workers' compensation cover?

You may have worked for years or even decades without any issues. Suddenly, one day, you experience pain from a slowly-building repetitive stress injury. Maybe there's an accident at work, and you're seriously injured. Now, you can't perform your job anymore, and you're wondering what workers' compensation will cover.

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