Estate Planning: Last Will and Testament, Trusts and Power of Attorneys

A Will is the most important legal document that most people will ever sign in their lifetime.  A Will provides for the orderly distribution of your assets as you intend after you pass away.  Not having a Will can lead to problems and dissension between your loved ones.  Not having a Will can result in your estate having to pay excessive estate taxes.  Everyone should have a Will.  When we prepare a Will for our clients, our services include a review of your heirs, assets, tax liabilities under State and Federal law, desired beneficiaries and previously signed documents. 

We strive to insure that the estate planning documents will avoid unexpected expenses and assist in the distribution of your hard-earned assets to your desired beneficiaries with minimal delay.  We discuss whether any of these beneficiaries have special needs that require protection due to age, infirmity or other special circumstances.  We also discuss Powers of Attorney, Living Trusts and Living Wills (known in New Jersey as Advanced Health Care Directives), in addition to the respective roles each may have in providing disability protection, both as to financial and medical needs. 

Most importantly, properly prepared documents can prevent your estate from being distributed to unexpected and unintended heirs.  It’s a shame to have one’s entire life work improperly distributed for the lack of transfer documents.