Estate Planning: Last Will and Testament, Trusts and Power of Attorneys

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Will

  1.  A will helps you protect those closest to you. It enables you to specify how your life’s hard earned assets are passed to those you care about the most. Your will helps minimize problems and disagreements among your heirs after you pass away
  2.  A will enables you to specify who is to take care of your minor children (or just as importantly, who is not to take care of your minor children)
  3.  A will allows the probate process, that follows your death, to be carried out as quickly and painlessly as possible for your heirs.

Other important reasons for having a will range from minimizing your taxable estate, to helping to reduce New Jersey estate taxes and federal estate taxes, to specifying any/all organizations to receive gifts and/or donations, to reducing the amount of stress your loved ones will encounter during what will already be a stressed-filled event with your passing.

Do not delay, make an appointment today to come in to our Toms River office to have a Will created, or to have your current will reviewed and updated where needed.

Each state (and often each county in each state) has its own probate process that needs to be followed upon death by the executor of an estate. If the decedent owned property in multiple states, different probates need to occur in each of those states. R.C. Shea and Associates has experience in all counties in New Jersey and we are here to help you navigate the entire probate process, especially if it crosses over into other states as well.

As important as they are, wills are only one part of the estate planning process. Other important life documents to consider are trusts, Living Wills (New Jersey Advanced Health Care Directives), and durable power of attorneys. Similar to a will, these documents help your loved ones take care of your medical and financial affairs should you become incapacitated.

The attorneys at R.C. Shea will sit down with you to discuss all these important documents and issues, normally referred to as estate planning. Everyone works hard in their life to build assets that will one day be passed along to their children and heirs. Don’t jeopardize your hard work by not being prepared. Few people like to think too long about their end of life and we fully understand this; its why we take our time and approach everything with the care and expertise of a trusted friend and adviser.

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