Municipal Court Violations

Through our experience as municipal prosecutors, municipal public defenders, and private counsel we are equipped to represent you in a varied range of municipal courts.  We have many years of experience representing clients in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, the issuance of traffic violation summonses, criminal complaints and other municipal violations. 

We provide full representation to inform our clients about the impacts and results of the impending criminal charges such as loss of driving privileges, monetary fines and/or any possible incarceration.  Legal representation may be necessary to protect your interests. 

Mr. Shea brings his experience as a municipal prosecutor to R.C. Shea & Associates’ team of attorneys.  They have built a reputation for success in municipal courts.  Whether you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, moving violations, simple assault, civil complaint or criminal charges, R.C. Shea & Associates is able to provide you with an experienced legal team that specializes in your particular needs.