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Distinguishing LBD from other forms of dementia

Lewy body dementia is one form of dementia for which an early and accurate diagnosis is essential. LBD can progress more quickly than other forms, such as Parkinson's disease dementia, and those with LBD respond more poorly to certain medications for behavior and movement than those with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. New Jersey residents may want to know how to distinguish LBD from other forms.

Additional consultations could reduce lung misdiagnoses

People in New Jersey who are trying to understand their ongoing problems with their lungs and the ability to breathe may face issues receiving a correct diagnosis. However, by adding assessments for routine rheumatology issues, such as blood tests, to the process of diagnosing interstitial lung disease (ILD), doctors could help improve accuracy and prevent misdiagnoses. In the process, they could also reduce the need for invasive, painful procedures like biopsies or bronchoscopies, which can also have significant side effects.

Preventable medication errors in hospitals

Some New Jersey residents are the victims of medication errors when they are patients in hospitals. There are several errors that are fairly common but also preventable. It is important for doctors, nurses and hospitals to take steps to prevent these medication mistakes from happening so that the patients will be protected.

Six reasons to never visit the doctor in the afternoon

Workers in various industries experience a lull in the afternoon where drowsiness sets in and productivity declines. This afternoon slump affects doctors and nurses too, increasing the risk for medical mistakes and negligence. This is the first important reason why people should avoid, when possible, scheduling an afternoon visit with their doctor. New Jersey residents can read on to discover five other good reasons.

Burned out doctors make mistakes, survey finds

New Jersey residents might be interested in a new national survey that indicates a problem that affects the health of all Americans. Most doctors are burned out, the survey says. The researchers say that this burnout could be a major contributing factor to medical malpractice.

Medical errors could impact patient quality of life

A study of 644 patients who underwent a dilated eye exam revealed that roughly a quarter who were deemed healthy showed signs of a degenerative condition. This condition is called age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, and it typically impacts New Jersey residents and others who are 50 and older. The average age of the individuals in the study was 69. As the population gets older, there could be an increasing number of people impacted by AMD.

Diagnostic errors a common source of malpractice cases

People in New Jersey may worry about their health and well-being when they enter the hospital, but they usually assume that they will receive appropriate care during their stay. However, errors related to patient diagnosis are the most frequent reason for medical malpractice lawsuits, according to a report from a leading malpractice insurer. The report reviewed a total of 10,618 malpractice claims filed between 2013 and 2017 and found that a total of one-third of all claims related to diagnostic doctor errors, including a failure to diagnose a serious, progressive illness or a misdiagnosis with incorrect treatment.

When gallbladder surgery leads to bile duct injuries

Bile duct injuries occur in an estimated 1 percent of gallbladder operations. These injuries are caused by trauma during surgery, and they often lead to scarring and a narrowing of the bile duct, which is known as a bile duct stricture. Anyone in New Jersey who has undergone gallbladder surgery will want to be aware of the symptoms of such an injury and what can be done if he or she develops an issue.

Autoimmune disorders can be ripe for misdiagnosis

For people in New Jersey dealing with autoimmune disorders, the process of getting them diagnosed can seem like an endless investigation into an unsolvable puzzle. While attempting to determine the cause of painful, disruptive and damaging symptoms, doctors and other health care professionals may pursue and even provide treatment for a number of incorrect diagnoses along the way. In some cases, autoimmune diseases are incurable. However, proper treatment and remediation can make a significant difference in the quality and even the length of a patient's life.

Biopsy robot could aid New Jersey breast cancer diagnoses

Each year throughout the U.S., cancer surgeons perform around 1.7 million breast cancer biopsies. Biopsies are known for being time-consuming and are not always accurate, but a 3D-printed robot that's in its final development stage in the Netherlands could revolutionize how they are performed.

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