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What drivers need to know about post-crash situations

New Jersey drivers who find themselves in a car accident can take certain steps to help prepare and protect themselves. After stopping at the scene of the accident and taking care of any urgent medical needs, it's important to gather some specific information. This information can be critical when dealing with insurance agents after the crash.

Reducing liver damage from car accidents

New Jersey drivers and passengers could face severe damage to critical internal organs from a car accident on the roads. Injuries to the liver, spleen and other internal organs can result from the blunt abdominal trauma that often accompanies car crashes. Every year, over 2 million Americans go to the hospital emergency room due to a motor vehicle accident; of those, a significant number experience bruising or bleeding to internal organs as a result.

Daydreaming causes more accidents than cellphones

Statistics in New Jersey and other parts of the country show that drivers who daydream are more likely to cause vehicle accidents than drivers who use their cellphones. The number one reason for serious car crashes in the United States is because drivers do not pay attention to driving conditions. One out of every 10 car crash victims is killed because of a distracted driver. Whether the drivers are thinking about their busy work schedules, dinner plans or other aspects of their lives, their eyes are not on the road.

About distracted driving

People in New Jersey who engage in any behavior that distracts their attention when behind the wheel are referred to as distracted drivers. Such behaviors can include eating, drinking, texting or speaking on a cell phone, adjusting the radio or navigation system or talking to other occupants in the vehicle.

Low daylight conditions lead to more animal-related crashes

While motorists may gain an extra hour of sleep with the end of daylight saving time, they'll have to watch out more for wildlife on New Jersey roadways. The return of standard time falls during mating season for many of these animals, and heightened animal activity levels between dusk and dawn can pose particular dangers for drivers as they make their daily commutes.

The dangers of driving near home

Since people usually drive near where they live, it makes sense that most crashes occur within 25 miles of the home. However, it is also easy to get complacent after taking the same route multiple times. This can lead to tuning out and making mistakes. New Jersey residents might like to know how to stay safe when driving familiar routes.

Daytime running lights may help to reduce accidents

Many New Jersey motorists are seriously injured in car accidents that happen during the daytime hours. Research demonstrates that fewer people would be involved in accidents during the day if everyone used their headlights every time they drove.

Car crash avoidance technologies can work, research finds

New Jersey drivers could be safer with the widespread use of collision avoidance technologies, the results of a study indicate. Research by the Insurance Institute on Highway Safety shows that systems like lane departure warning signals and blind spot alerts can help to seriously cut the rate of car accidents and especially those that cause injuries.

Electric shock device could help drivers stay awake

Although New Jersey motorists may be aware of the dangers of drunk driving, many may not realize that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous. In fact, it is estimated that falling asleep at the wheel is the cause of thousands of fatal accidents around the country each year. While some people who regularly drive while drowsy rely on coffee and loud music to keep them awake, others are looking for a more permanent solution to the problem.

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