What To Do If You’ve Been Seriously Injured In A Car Accident

The time after a car accident is often one of the most difficult in a person’s life. People often feel overwhelmed by pain and loss, angry at the situation and as if they will never get their lives back.

At R.C. Shea & Associates, Counsellors at Law, we can’t take away your pain. But, we promise that brighter days are ahead. We will help you get there.

Serious Injuries Require Serious Attorneys

Car accidents can cause serious damage. Many accident victims are left with catastrophic injuries that require repeated surgery, ongoing physical therapy and may be left with a lifetime of pain and suffering.

At R.C. Shea & Associates, our firm has handled many large, multimillion-dollar accident cases with great success. We are committed to helping our clients maximize their claims. We begin with a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding your accident. We then build strong injury claims that maximize compensation.

Your Right To Compensation After A Car Accident

After a car accident, you can recover compensation for the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Medical costs, including future medical needs
  • Pain and suffering (subject to the verbal threshold)

What Is The Verbal Threshold?

If you selected “verbal threshold” or “limited right to sue” when you purchased your insurance, it may be harder to obtain compensation for your noneconomic injuries — such as pain and suffering. In order to recover noneconomic damages, a doctor must provide a sworn statement that your injury is permanent in nature, and you must have medical records to back up that claim.

If You Were Injured In A Car Accident, Contact Our Firm

If you were injured in a car accident, contact our firm. Our lawyers are skilled injury advocates. We handle complex car accident claims other firms do not. We will fight to get you the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Consultations are free, and cases are taken on a contingency basis. We advance all the costs of your case and you won’t pay us a fee unless we recover compensation for you.

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