Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Are you a landlord in New Jersey? Or maybe you are thinking of investing in a rental property? Most of the time, landlords and tenants get along just fine. Its the times that they don’t see eye to eye, where things can spiral out of control quite quickly.

What could go wrong?

  • Late rent payments
  • Property damages
  • Needed utility repairs
  • Security Deposit withheld
  • Breaking the lease
  • Eviction Process
  • Illegal Access
  • Subletting

Whichever side you fall upon, landlord or tenant, R.C. Shea and Associates can help you navigate New Jersey Landlord Tenant Law effectively. Being in such close proximity to Long Beach Island, the mecca of summer rentals, R.C. Shea has handled numerous such cases over the years, both as an advocate for the landlord and as an advocate for the tenant. Call us today and we will help you review all your options, no matter what your situation.

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