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October 2019 Archives

How going back to work impacts worker's compensation benefits

New Jersey workers or others who are hurt on the job may be entitled to medical and other benefits. Generally speaking, employees will have to initially seek care from a company doctor. However, they can usually seek the care of their own doctor 30 days after submitting a written request. In some cases, individuals who are seeking treatment for a workplace injury can get reimbursed for the miles driven to and from a medical facility.

Improper medical supervision and the risks of a new medication

In many ways, modern medicine is a study of averages. The physiology and chemistry of each human being are unique, but doctors simply can't establish thorough knowledge of each patient's unique body chemistry and anatomical quirks. Instead, doctors rely on knowledge of standard anatomy and physiology and apply that information to the patients they see.

Automobile fatalities experienced a two-year drop

New Jersey residents may be pleased to learn that according to a government road safety agency, traffic deaths in the United States fell slightly for the second year in a row. The NHTSA reported a 2.4% drop in fatalities, which has been linked in part to new technology and vehicles designed to prevent crashes.

Male breast cancer patients are undertreated, more likely to die

Residents of New Jersey may know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but they may not be aware that breast cancer affects men as well as women. The numbers are much smaller, of course, with some 2,200 men being diagnosed every year (compared to the 245,000 women who are diagnosed every year, according to the CDC). Still, there is concern around the fact that male breast cancer patients see lower survival rates than women.

The importance of skepticism about any lump-sum settlement

People get offered lump-sum settlement amounts for a broad range of reasons. Perhaps they were in a car accident, and the insurance company wants to pay out a single check for the entire cost of the crash. Maybe they have a large workers' compensation claim related to a job injury that amputated a limb or an acquired illness related to their work.

Extraction industry workers at risk for hearing loss

According to an American Journal of Industrial Medicine report, roughly 61% of people who work in the gas and oil extraction or mining industries are exposed to noise levels at work that rise to the level of hazardous. There are also chemicals used in those industries that can increase the risk of hearing loss. When individuals in New Jersey suffer hearing loss or other on-the-job injuries, they may be entitled to recovery through the state's workers' compensation system.

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