Injuries at chemical manufacturing plants

New Jersey residents working at one of the state’s numerous chemical manufacturing plants should know about the most common injuries that occur at these facilities and their causes. Knowing about the various safety threats can help prevent accidents from occurring.

The manufacturing of chemicals on an industrial scale is a very dangerous process due to the toxicity, flammability and volatility of some of the substances that are being produced. The injuries typically experienced by individuals working in this kind of hazardous environment include chemical burns and inhalation of chemical fumes. Other injuries associated with working in an industrial environment, such as trips and falls, cuts and scrapes, broken bones and exhaustion are also a routine occurrence.

The majority of these common workplace injuries at chemical manufacturing plants happen due to human error and a failure to adhere to safety guidelines. However, when employees fail to follow safety procedures when performing their jobs, it is often the result of improper or inadequate safety training and enforcement by the company. Companies are required to rigorously train their employees how to perform their jobs effectively and safely, in order to meet stringent government and industry safety standards. Additionally, many accidents also occur when management does not adequately inspect and maintain the equipment used by employees. Malfunctioning or poorly maintained equipment can easily cause injuries to those operating it or working nearby.

Unfortunately, when accidents do occur at chemical manufacturing plants, they can be very serious and involve crushing head and back injuries, toxic exposure and lasting occupation disease. People who have been harmed in this manner may want to have the assistance of a lawyer in preparing and filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

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