Steps to prevent serious injury accidents

New Jersey employees face a variety of dangers in their workplaces. Traditionally, the approach to safety programs has been to report injury accidents, investigate them and to take steps to keep them from happening in the future. This approach misses steps that can be taken to prevent potential injuries before they happen, however.

Some safety experts are recommending a new approach in which workplace hazards are identified and programs are implemented to prevent serious injuries and fatalities before accidents ever occur. Many believe that this approach may do much more to help reduce the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Because potential accidents are not reportable incidents, employers will need to do more to learn about the dangers that their workers face in their jobs. The best source of information about the dangers that may be involved in different jobs are the workers themselves. Supervisors should spend time with workers to learn about the different potential hazards in their working areas so that they can be corrected. Workers that notice dangerous conditions might also want to draw their employers’ attention to the problems so that accidents can be prevented.

Workplace accidents are serious occupational concerns that can result in substantial losses to both employees and employers. Taking preventative measures to reduce the incidence of these accidents and the resulting injuries or fatalities can help to save lives and money. Workers who are injured in accidents while they are on the job might benefit by getting help from experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who can help their clients to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, which generally can pay for all of their medical expenses.

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