The dangers of driving near home

Since people usually drive near where they live, it makes sense that most crashes occur within 25 miles of the home. However, it is also easy to get complacent after taking the same route multiple times. This can lead to tuning out and making mistakes. New Jersey residents might like to know how to stay safe when driving familiar routes.

Driving in the same locations often leads to muscle memory habits. To avoid a collision, it is important to remain alert. Staying vigilant is critical because all it takes is one unpredictable element in a familiar place to cause a crash. These elements could include bad weather, a mechanical malfunction, an animal in the road or another driver. To stay safe, one should wear a seat belt.

Even a minor accident can become more serious if someone is not wearing a seat belt. Some people do not bother buckling up when they are not going far. However, it is a good idea to wear a seat belt even when traveling a short distance.

Time of day also makes a difference for drivers. The roads are more dangerous during the late afternoon and evening as commuters get off work. While more traffic leads to more hazards, back roads are not necessarily safer. Serious crashes often occur on rural roads.

Several factors could cause a car accident, and there are many legal areas one may need to assess when determining fault. This might include what the parties involved were doing when the crash occurred, weather conditions, road conditions and more. To get appropriate compensation after an accident, one may want to consult a personal injury attorney.

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