Some facts about tongue cancer

Tongue cancer is a disease that can occur to any New Jersey resident. It is an oral cancer that is created in the squamous cells that make up the surface of the tongue and affects the front two-thirds portion of the tongue. Cancer that develops in the back portion of the tongue, however, is classified as a head and neck cancer.

Individuals who are exhibiting tongue cancer symptoms may believe that they are suffering from a persistent cough or a simple case of a sore in the mouth. Indications of tongue cancer may include difficulty with chewing or swallowing, the presence of a lump inside the mouth, a sore throat, the sensation that there is an obstruction in the throat, constant pain in the tongue or jaw. Because the symptoms of tongue cancer are quite similar to those of other diseases, it is important that the affected individuals seek medical assistance to obtain the right diagnosis.

There are multiple types of advanced treatments for tongue cancer. During surgery, the tumor will be removed from the tongue using the least invasive methods if the patient is a good candidate for such procedures. High doses of radiation are administered only to the affected parts of the tongue using accurate tools that allow the healthy part of the tongue to be spared and that reduce the length of the therapy. Chemotherapy is another treatment method and involves the use of anti-cancer medication to kill cancerous cells.

Individuals whose cancer has been misdiagnosed will likely suffer a worsened medical condition as the disease begins to spread. People who have been harmed in such a manner might want to meet with a medical malpractice attorney to discuss their legal options, which under certain circumstances could include the filing of a lawsuit against the negligent health care practitioner or facility.

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