Sodexo conference addresses worker safety challenges

Sodexo, the facility management company, has launched an initiative called Ambition 2025 in the effort to improve employees’ quality of life. This means making systematic changes, so it’s no surprise that the North American branch discussed what those changes would be during the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference in Atlanta. Its goal of creating a “zero harm mindset” in its employees is something that many business owners in New Jersey may be able to imitate.

The most important thing to do, according to the North American branch’s vice president, is to instill safer habits in employees, both in their work and their interactions. Promoting the right behaviors day by day is something that the employers are partly responsible for, so they must always act with an eye on the P and Ls of safety: people and lives.

Therefore, Sodexo has set up four goals for itself. First, it must make employees aware of when accidents are preventable; second, it must train employees to identify risks and do what they can to manage them. It must also integrate health, safety, and environment concerns in its daily activities, including its recruitment of employees. Lastly, it should create a single global standard for those HSE concerns, one that can be integrated with local regulations.

Without a shared safety culture in the workplace, and without the proper training to reinforce it, accidents will become all too common. Injury victims can be compensated, however, either by filing for workers’ compensation benefits or by filing an injury claim. Injury claims only pertain to those incidents caused by an employer’s negligence or recklessness.

Whichever method the victim chooses, consulting with an attorney may be of benefit. The lawyer may be able to hire investigators to see if the employer provided inadequate training, broke OSHA regulations, or did something else that could be considered negligent. The lawyer may also handle negotiations.

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