Daydreaming causes more accidents than cellphones

Statistics in New Jersey and other parts of the country show that drivers who daydream are more likely to cause vehicle accidents than drivers who use their cellphones. The number one reason for serious car crashes in the United States is because drivers do not pay attention to driving conditions. One out of every 10 car crash victims is killed because of a distracted driver. Whether the drivers are thinking about their busy work schedules, dinner plans or other aspects of their lives, their eyes are not on the road.

Politicians continue to pass laws about cellphone use while driving without acknowledging the known statistical data regarding daydreaming. Drivers need to stop thinking about numerous topics while driving their cars. The fact that they are not concentrating on road conditions, other drivers and pedestrians means that more people could experience fatalities caused by negligence. Even though the use of cellphones while driving is potentially dangerous, drivers are not hearing enough warnings about staying alert while driving their vehicles.

It is easy to become distracted while driving a vehicle. The very act of driving can put a person into a habitual frame of mind that becomes complacent. Self-driving cars may pose even more dangers to potential victims: A driver in a self-driving car may rely on the vehicle’s advanced technology instead of staying actively involved behind the wheel.

The victim of a car accident may have a legal claim against the negligent party. If the driver who caused the accident was daydreaming, the act constitutes negligence, a recognized crime. The victim’s lawyer may have the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit and pursue monetary compensation.

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