Bill Paxton’s family files wrongful death suit against hospital

New Jersey fans of Bill Paxton may be interested to learn that his family filed a wrongful death against a hospital and surgeon on May 3. According to the family, the 61-year-old actor died on Feb. 25 after complications occurred following a series of surgical procedures.

The family made several claims regarding negligence. For example, the family alleged that the hospital misrepresented or failed to adequately explain the risks involved in the proposed treatment. The family also claimed that the surgeon did not disclose the fact that the proposed surgical approach was unconventional and had high risks. Even further, the surgeon was not in the hospital when the actor began experiencing complications, also failing to ensure that the actor had continuous care while he was away. As a result, there was a delay in treatment of the complications. This alleged negligence ultimately led to his death from a stroke 11 days later.

The surgeon and the hospital responded to the claims, stating that the actor and the family were always aware of the dangers and risks of the treatment provided to the actor. The hospital further responded that health and safety were of their patients was their highest priority.

In the state of New Jersey, family members can seek compensation for economic losses after a loved one died due to a fatal accident or negligence. Depending on the case, the family could seek lost lifetime earnings, funeral expenses, hospital bills and loss of companionship, among other economic losses. A wrongful death attorney may review the allegations by gathering all of the facts and represent the family members as they seek compensation in a court of law or through a settlement.

Source: People, “Bill Paxton’s Surgeon and Hospital Deny Responsibility for His Death“, Mike Miller, 05/03/2018

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