Traumatic brain injuries impact the entire family of the victim

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Most physical injuries primarily only affect the person who suffers them. For example, when someone breaks an arm, most of their daily life will remain the same. The people around them likely won’t experience many, if any, consequences related to that injury. Even though recovery will take some time, the person with the injury can continue to live the same life, for the most part.

The same is not true of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). When a person injures their brain, whether due to a car accident or a workplace injury, the consequences can be drastic not only for them but for every person that they interact with regularly.

As such, those dealing with the consequences of a TBI should look into compensation not only for their own losses, but also for the losses and impacts suffered by members of their family.

Everyone else may need to step up to help the TBI victim

In the immediate aftermath of an accident serious enough to cause a TBI, the injured party will no doubt need physical and social support from loved ones. The injury will likely require a stay in the hospital, followed by some level of rehabilitation.

The worse and more extensive the injury, the more medical care may be required. Obviously, the whole family will feel the financial impact of both lost wages and massive medical costs. They will also have to embrace the reality of helping their loved one with everything from self-care to transportation. Combine that with the changes in mood and personality that a TBI can cause, and that’s a lot of strain for the loved ones of the injured person.

In cases of severe TBIs, one adult family member may need to commit to staying home full-time, especially if the family cannot afford private nursing care. TBIs can affect everything from cognitive ability to motor function. Each case is unique, but chances are good that the family will have to absorb the responsibilities once filled by the party with the injury.

Compensation may be available for those dealing with a TBI

When you consider lost wages, the cost of medical care and the loss of services performed by the injured party, the TBI can be a financially devastating injury for both the victim and their entire family.

Thankfully, you may have the right to seek financial compensation depending on the circumstances of the injury. If it resulted from a car crash caused by another driver, a personal injury lawsuit against that driver may be an option. If it was a workplace injury, it may be possible to seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Discussing the situation with an experienced personal injury attorney is the first step toward your family moving on after the TBI impacts one of your family members.

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