GHSA reports on lack of progress in speeding reduction

Speeding continues to be a widespread issue in New Jersey and across America. What’s even worse is that it’s considered culturally acceptable among many drivers. The reality, however, is that speeding is involved in nearly a third of all auto-related deaths in the country. This is according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association entitled, “Speeding Away from Zero: Rethinking a Forgotten Traffic Safety Challenge.”

The report calls for a deeper and more comprehensive engagement with the problem of speeding, especially in rural areas. More fatal car crashes arise in rural regions; in 2016 alone, there were more than 5,000 fatal car crash victims in such areas. Still, it is important for urban areas to try to reduce vehicle speeds by altering speed limits.

The GHSA also calls for stricter law enforcement. Traffic calming elements like roundabouts should be included in any efforts to engineer a safer driving environment. Members of the GHSA’s State Highway Safety Office are in a unique position to carry out these and other recommendations.

Together with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the GHSA will be holding a speeding forum with major stakeholders in the development of a new speeding reduction program. Once developed, the program can be adopted by the state highway safety agencies.

If speeding contributes to an accident, someone who is injured through little to no fault of their own may have a valid personal injury case on their hands. To file their claim, a victim may want to hire a lawyer. The lawyer could negotiate on their behalf for a fair settlement covering medical bills and other losses.

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