Preventing workplace eye injuries

Many people take their eyesight for granted, but the workplace is one area where many individuals face risks that could hurt their eyes. More than 700,000 eye injuries happen in American workplaces every year. In other words, more than 2,000 people suffer an eye injury at work every day. New Jersey residents might want to know about the potential hazards their eyes can be exposed to at work.

While office jobs aren’t typically thought of as dangerous, even those in corporate settings could experience eye injuries. This is because people typically use electronic devices in offices with fluorescent and LED lighting, which makes blue light a concern. This light can damage retinas and cause digital eyestrain syndrome.

Careers in construction, landscaping and engineering also come with risks for one’s eyesight. Eye injuries that typically occur at work include chemical burns, punctures and cuts. Chemicals and certain tools pose substantial risks to the eyes. Proper preventative measures can help employees avoid eye injuries, which is good for both workers and employers. More than $934 million could be lost every year because of eye injuries in the form of compensation, fines and lost productivity.

To avoid eye injuries, workplaces can provide eye protection and training about eye safety. Controlling fumes and dust and using appropriate ventilation could also help. Those who stare at computers all day should take regular breaks from the computer or use anti-glare screens and artificial tears to prevent dry eyes.

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation could help someone receive compensation for medical care and lost wages after sustaining a work-related injury. There may be restrictions on the amount of coverage offered, so an injured employee might wish to consult an attorney who can help him or her receive the compensation he or she needs to recover.

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