From Memorial Day to Labor Day, teens run high car crash risk

Parents of teen drivers in New Jersey have good reason to worry about the approach of summer because it’s a dangerous season for teens on the road. In fact, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety calls the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day the deadliest for teen drivers. The chances of a fatal car crash involving a teen driver go up an average of 15% during that time. Even hospitals understand the risk and accordingly prepare.

There are two reasons for this trend: lack of experience on the part of teen drivers and increased time on the road. Teens may even drive impaired by drugs or alcohol after parties, especially around the Fourth of July celebrations. To keep teens safe, parents have a responsibility to educate them on how to act behind the wheel.

Something to emphasize is the avoidance of all distractions on the road. Calling and texting are out of the question. Teens may also want to limit the number of passengers because conversations in the car can easily take their attention from the road. They should also try to minimize night driving.

Vehicle maintenance is also crucial. Teens should not be going out with under-inflated tires or bad brakes, for example. In addition, seatbelt use is mandatory.

Unfortunately, many teens neglect these and other safe driving tips. Like others, they may fail to exercise caution in work zones, in which case they may injure someone on the job. Victims, for their part, may file a claim against the driver or opt for workers’ compensation benefits. They might want to consult with a lawyer about the pros and cons of both options. With workers’ comp, victims can be reimbursed for their medical bills and some of their lost wages. The lawyer may assist with the filing.

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