Injuries faced by metalworkers often lead to compensation

Some workplaces have more risks than others. While employers should make every effort to ensure that all workplaces are reasonably safe for employees to operate within, risks cannot completely be eliminated. The metalworking profession is one of the higher risk professions because it involves physical and arduous labor.

If you have been injured as a metalworker in New Jersey, it is important that you understand the actions you can take to avoid financial suffering during your recovery. By learning about the most common types of metalworking injuries and your rights under workers’ compensation law, you will be able to take appropriate action to gain the compensation that you deserve.

Metal burns

It’s common for metalworkers to suffer from serious burns when operating machinery and dealing with sheet metal, which is highly conductive to heat. Metalworkers should always wear the appropriate equipment when dealing with hot metals, but it can be possible for mistakes and accidents to occur.

Lifting injuries

Metal needs to be handled often during transportation. Unloading metal from trucks can cause cuts and abrasions. The process of lifting metal can be very dangerous when loads are too heavy or when the material is lifted incorrectly. This can lead to back injuries or injuries to specific muscles and tendons.

Can I get workers’ compensation if the injury was my fault?

Many injured workers worry that they will not be able to claim workers’ compensation if they made a mistake that caused the injury, but this is not the case. Workers have a right to claim compensation if they suffered damages when performing a work-related task, regardless of fault.

What will the compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover all bills that were incurred due to necessary medical treatment. Additionally, you will be able to claim back a percentage of the wages lost as a result of taking time to recover. If you are unable to continue working due to your injury, the workers’ compensation program can help you to retrain for other roles.

If you want to know more about your right to claim workers’ compensation as a New Jersey metalworker, it is important that you take swift action to do so.

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