Subaru Crosstreks have most accidents in the U.S.

Insurify has looked into its database of more than 1.6 million insurance quotes in order to compile a list of 10 newer vehicles that are involved in the most at-fault accidents in New Jersey and across the U.S. To be considered, the insurance quotes had to mention the vehicle’s make and model and whether the vehicle had been in a crash before.

The list has one American, two Korean and seven Japanese vehicles, including two from Subaru. The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek has been involved in the most at-fault car crashes of any other vehicle in the nation, which is an intriguing discovery since the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety had given it top marks for crash avoidance and crashworthiness. However, many crashes do not end in severe injuries for Crosstrek occupants.

The second Subaru vehicle, the WRX, came in fifth and is known for having the highest proportion of drivers pulled over for speeding offenses. Hyundai was the other automaker with two vehicles on the list: the Elantra GT at number three and the Santa Fe Sport at number 10. The sole American vehicle was the Chevrolet Trax in ninth place.

A total of 25.81% of Crosstreks have been affected by accidents according to Insurify. Second was the Honda HR-V, 25.7% of which have been involved in crashes.

When there is an auto accident, one of the first things the police will do is determine liability. In this state, those who are less to blame than the other can file a claim and be compensated for their medical expenses, lost wages and other losses. However, New Jersey being a no-fault state, only cases of severe injuries or disabilities can lead to a third-party insurance claim. To see if they are eligible for damages, victims may schedule a legal consultation.

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