The many ways workers can get hurt on the job

Employees in New Jersey and throughout the country should remain aware of the possible dangers that they could face while at work. Dangers may be present whether a person works from home, in an office or in a warehouse setting. Poor air quality could be among the dangers that a person could deal with while on the job. Annually, 1.3 million workers in the construction field are exposed to some amount of asbestos.

Improving air quality could be a matter of increased ventilation on a job site. That may allow air contaminated with dust or chemicals to be removed from a given area and replaced with something that is healthy to breathe. Individuals could be exposed to poor air quality even if they work indoors. This could result in itchy skin, dizziness or nosebleeds. If more than 20% of workers in a building are showing these or other symptoms, the building may be referred to as “sick”.

Sitting or standing an awkward position while at work could result in a variety of injuries. Workers should make sure that their feet are on the floor while sitting and that their computers are at eye level to avoid craning their head or neck. They should also avoid holding a phone with their neck as it could cause a muscle strain.

Those who are hurt in a workplace accident may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of their occupation. Employees should tell their employers about any injuries that they experience regardless of how minor they may seem. An attorney may be able to help an injured individual file a claim for benefits or appeal a claim that has been denied.

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