Heart attack misdiagnosis: Common symptoms for women

A type of medical bias may be placing New Jersey women at risk of increased damage and death following a heart attack or stroke. Emergency medical personnel and researchers alike tend to focus on the classic symptomology, which turns out to be the most common symptoms experienced by men. According to the Daily Nurse, women more commonly present from a set of symptoms that medical practitioners associate with anxiety and other conditions.

Almost everyone will be familiar with the most common symptoms of a heart attack. Chest pain is accompanied by pain that radiates down the left arm. However, the American Heart Association revealed in a study that more women than men present symptoms separate from chest pain. These can include back and stomach pain, nausea, shortness of breath and dizziness. A worsened medical condition can result from failure to diagnose and provide treatment.

The extent of injury caused by a misdiagnosis depends on the initial damage and time it takes for medical personnel to correct the error. Patients could be left permanently disabled or worse. Findings of medical malpractice can provide resources for victims in the aftermath, but experts suggest that women familiarize themselves with the less common symptoms. Quick action is often the determining factor in outcome.

Taking a proactive approach to health can help reduce the likelihood of suffering due to the negligence of others, but the elimination of this risk is impossible. Mistakes made by first responders and medical staff can result in a lifetime of suffering and enough medical expenses to bankrupt a family. Residents of New Jersey who think their or their loved one’s injury was caused by medical professional negligence may be entitled to compensation for current expenses, future treatments, and pain and suffering. Consultation with an experienced attorney may be the first step toward financial and medical recovery.

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