Misdiagnosis and medical errors still negatively impact patients

When seeking medical treatment for an illness, injury or condition in New Jersey, there is an expectation that the proper care will be provided. Unfortunately, medical errors are common. This can range from a misdiagnosis to a surgical error, medication mistakes and more. People can suffer a worsened condition, face different medical issues than what they initially sought treatment for or even lose their lives.

Although there have been technological medical advancements in the past few decades, medical errors remain problematic. Twenty years ago, a government report called “To Err is Human” was released. It said that approximately 98,000 people died annually because of these errors. After this report, steps were taken to reduce that number. Now, some studies indicate that the rate of fatalities after medical mistakes may be doubled. This makes it the third most common cause of death in the U.S. One out of every 20 patients deals with preventable dangers, 12% of which are permanently disabled or die.

Over the course of their lives, most people will be confronted by at least one misdiagnosis. Infections, vascular events and cancer account for 75% of these mistakes. The positive aspects of technology aside, the overflow of data can interfere with doctor-patient relations and spark confusion. This can cause errors. Radiology is one area where various doctors will come to a different set of conclusions, which has sown confusion. Researchers are seeking viable solutions to these concerns to improve patient diagnosis and treatment.

Regardless of attempts to help medical professionals with diagnosing and treating patients, people continue to suffer injury and illness or even lose their lives because of medical mistakes. For those who believe they have been negatively impacted, having legal advice may be important when seeking compensation. A law firm experienced in medical malpractice may help with a claim.

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