What are some jobs with a high toxic exposure risk?

There are toxins such as motor vehicle engine exhaust or industrial waste that we all have to contend with regularly as we go about our days here in Toms River. The exposure to toxins doesn’t end there for many individual though. Countless New Jersey residents find themselves having to deal with toxic exposure in the workplace as well. There are certain industries where this is more common than others.

Mechanics are exposed to a large number of toxins while at work. Many clutches and brake pads are lined with heat-resistant asbestos, a mineral that can cause respiratory illness. Asbestos is also a known carcinogen. These types of workers also spend significant amounts of time around gasoline. It’s formulated using benzene, an element that has also been identified as a cancer-causing substance in recent years.

Another type of worker that is at high risk for toxic exposure is a hairstylist. The hair dyes that workers in this industry are surrounded by can cause them severe health problems. A 2009 study published by the National Cancer Institute revealed that barbers and hairdressers had significantly higher lung, bladder and larynx cancer rates than other workers. They argued that this had to do with repeated exposure to hair dyes.

If you work as a radiology technician, then you may assume that the lead shield that you wear or the imaging booth that you seek refuge in will protect you from any potential toxic exposure on the job. This isn’t the case though according to the American Thyroid Association. Their research shows that radiology technicians experience a 1.5 times higher chance of developing thyroid cancer after performing more than 50 X-ray procedures.

Other professionals that are at enhanced risk for toxic exposure include miners, plastics manufacturers, aviation employees, metalworkers, construction workers and nail stylists.

Many employees believe that they’re only entitled to worker’s compensation coverage at the onset of their condition. That’s not necessarily the case though. A worker may qualify for compensated medical care and lost wages if their pre-existing condition was exacerbated on the job. They may be able to recover compensation if it didn’t manifest itself until a later point in time as well. An attorney here in Toms River can advise you of how New Jersey law best applies in your unique situation.

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