4 basic requirements for wrongful death claims

Losing a loved one is a tragedy that can bring up many feelings. When the loss is sudden and due to the negligence of another person, you may feel like you need to do something to avenge their death. One of these options, filing a wrongful death lawsuit, can help to do this in a legal manner.

You must ensure that you have a valid claim before you file. There are four points that the case must meet. While these are the minimal criteria, there are likely others that are necessary, based on the circumstances of the case. These are the first four things you should ensure are true before you attempt to file a legal claim based on the decedent’s passing:

  • Your loved one was a human
  • They were harmed by another person’s negligent or intentional actions
  • Family members left behind suffered a monetary loss
  • A personal representative is named for the estate

There are many different types of financial impacts that can be considered as part of the wrongful death lawsuit. These can include payments for the person’s medical costs from the incident and their final expenses. It can also include compensation for lost wages that the family was expecting from the victim but is unable to receive since they died in the tragedy.

It’s important that you include everything in your legal claim. You can’t come back at a later date for more money once you have a settlement or award. Working closely with your attorney can help you to ensure that you don’t miss anything that would make a significant difference in the case.

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