3 steps to take after a dog bite injury

Serious injuries need both time and resources to heal. The same holds true for recuperating after a dog attack brings injuries upon you or a loved one.

In the state of New Jersey, dog bite victims may choose to seek compensation necessary to heal or even take legal action. Whether you plan to file a lawsuit or not, there are steps you can take to be ready to do so.

Get medical help

First and foremost, if a dog bit you or someone close to you, the best thing to do is to get medical help. This is because you probably don’t know the rabies shot status of the dog, and it is dangerous to lose a lot of blood. Plus, if you plan to seek damages, it will be useful to have a clear record of the amount of each bite-related medical charge.

Speak to the dog owner

Again, for both for your own safety and to gather enough information to press charges, you should try and speaking with the dog owner as soon as possible. If you are in grave danger and the dog and owner are strangers to you, at least ask the dog owner to share their name and phone number to follow up later. Having a way to contact the owner will make obtaining the dog’s medical records and the owner’s insurance policy information a lot easier. And, in turn, you’ll find out what kind of medical treatment your injuries require and be able to properly file for the compensation you deserve.

Report the incident

When you don’t receive medical treatment, reporting the incident is something you must , by law, do on your own. This will help the local health board uncover reports of any infectious diseases the dog may have and could also protect other people who might cross paths with the dog that bit you. Because if your injuries were very severe or the dog is infected, then the dog owner may receive orders to confine their pet.

Dealing with the pain a dog bite injury may cause you and your family and navigating the legal process is quite the handful. But an experienced personal injury attorney can help you along your recovery journey.


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