Don’t let your doctor ignore your questions

You have plenty of health questions when you get to your doctor’s appointment. However, you leave feeling like you never got a chance to ask them. Or, even when you did ask them, you may feel like the doctor ignored them and did not take your concerns seriously. 

This is a real problem in healthcare. Some have recommended finding a new doctor, since having a doctor who ignores you can certainly be a sign that it’s time to look elsewhere. You need someone who values your health as much as you do and who respects the fact that you’re trying to learn as much as possible. You may be asking things like:

  • What symptoms to watch or be concerned about
  • What treatment options there are for your condition
  • What lifestyle changes you can make to get better
  • What the prognosis looks like for a specific problem
  • What different conditions you may have, other than the initial diagnosis 

One tactic to get your doctor to listen to these questions is to write them down. This way, you at least have a chance to state them before the doctor rushes out of the room. If you tell them you want to go over the list really quickly, they’re not likely to stop you. Plus, this helps you avoid forgetting something while you’re in the office and feeling rushed, which you’re bound to remember in the car on the ride home. 

Even doing this, though, doesn’t mean the doctor will take what you have to say seriously. If you read off your most pressing questions and they dismiss them with a wave of their hand, are they really giving you the care and attention you deserve? Are they going to make a mistake because they didn’t carefully think about your health? 

These types of errors do happen, and they can have serious ramifications. If a doctor’s lack of care or attention causes you a significant injury, be sure you know what steps to take to seek compensation for your injuries. A medical malpractice attorney may be able to help.


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