How do you know if you have a medical malpractice case?

Dealing with a personal injury is tough. If you have an injury as a result of medical errors, that can be even more difficult to deal with. If you or someone you love have an injury from a medical mistake, you may be wondering if you can file a medical malpractice case or personal injury claim against your provider, the clinic or the hospital.

Deciding if you have a case isn’t simple. You will want to:

  • Go to see another specialist in the same field to review the notes and determine if the correct actions were taken
  • Prove that you have financial losses as a result of a medical error
  • Show that your medical provider didn’t provide care that matched the standard of the medical community

Your attorney may also review different facts about the case to help you decide if pursuing a claim is right for you.

Who can you sue after a medical malpractice incident?

Who you can sue depends on where you received treatment and who was involved. If a hospital was negligent, you may be able to pursue a claim against it directly. If one of the hospital’s employees was responsible for your injuries, then the hospital may be liable as well. You may also be able to pursue a claim against the medical provider who was involved in your case.

Every malpractice case is different and requires personalized attention and investigation. Our website has more on what you should know if you want to make a claim. The right support can make a difference after you’ve been hurt due to negligence or reckless behaviors.

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