What can surviving family members receive from NJ workers’ comp?

If your loved one worked a dangerous job to support your family, they did so because they wanted to provide for you, not leave you in a vulnerable position. Unfortunately, when someone dies due to a work-related injury, the end result of that death could well be financial difficulty or even devastation for their loved ones.

Although many people know that workers’ compensation protects workers who get hurt on the job, fewer people realize that there are benefits available to the surviving family members of workers who died because of a work-related injury or work-acquired illness. What New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits are available to surviving family members?

New Jersey death benefits cover costs and replace income

Surviving dependents, including children, spouses and possibly parents, can seek death benefits from workers’ compensation. These benefits can help cover some of the costs incurred because of a loved one’s work-related medical condition.

Workers’ compensation offers 100% coverage for medical care received due to a work-related medical condition, as well as $3,500 toward the cost of funeral services or burial. These benefits will help reduce the costs a family has to pay related to their loss.

The family will also likely struggle due to the loss of income once generated by the deceased family member. Workers’ compensation can provide surviving family members with up to 70% of the deceased worker’s weekly average income, at least up to a maximum benefit permitted by the state.

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