Winter driving brings dangerous conditions

As winter settles in, your risks on the road start to change. You have shorter days, winter storms, black ice and many other hazards that you have to contend with. How can you stay safe when it feels like everything is stacked against you?

Protecting yourself and your family

Don’t worry; it is possible to be proactive about your safety. There are steps you can take to reduce the odds of an accident. Some key ones include:

  • Being willing to drive under the speed limit when conditions call for it
  • Maintaining a longer following distance and staying back from the cars ahead of you
  • Remaining home when you can and limiting your exposure to risk by limiting your time on the road
  • Keeping cold-weather gear in your car in case anything does happen
  • Always driving with your lights on, whether it is day or night
  • Checking over the key systems in your car, such as the brakes, to ensure everything works perfectly
  • Slowing down whenever you have to turn, as many accidents are caused because people simply come into corners at “summer speeds” and lose control of their car

Planning ahead can also help. If you do not feel any pressure to get somewhere quickly, you can focus on driving safely, instead.

Did you get into an accident?

Unfortunately, all the safety tips in the world may not help if someone else hits your car. Make sure you know what legal options you have if you have been injured in a crash.

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