Work-related knee injuries can end your time on the job

One of the places that you’re most likely to injure on your body is your knee. A knee is the largest joint in the body, and it usually absorbs most of the force when you walk or participate in other day-to-day activities.

The knees are surrounded by muscles and ligaments, bones and tissues. If anything goes wrong with any of these parts, then you could struggle with real joint dysfunction that is both painful and debilitating.

Why do knee injuries happen at work?

Knee injuries happen at work because of accidents in most cases. For example, if a worker has to bend and kneel often, they may suffer from a repetitive strain injury. If the worker has to carry heavy loads, then the strain on the knees may be too much. Even something as simple as tripping could seriously damage the knee joint.

How can workplaces help prevent knee injuries?

To prevent knee injuries, it’s important that employers:

  • Provide workers with time to stretch before, during and after work
  • Provide personal protective equipment, like knee pads, when workers have to be on their knees to work
  • Stage materials in a way that makes it easier for workers to access them without bending or kneeling
  • Train their workforce in appropriate stretches and exercises to benefit the knees

These are just a couple of ideas that employers can use, but implementing any of these can help minimize the risk of knee injuries on the job.

What can you do if you struggle with a knee injury on the job?

If you suffer a knee injury on the job, stop what you’re doing and be sure to seek medical attention. Although some knee injuries will recover on their own, it’s better to get a diagnosis and to brace the knee when needed. In some cases, the knee may need to be casted or even be operated on, so getting the right diagnosis and a solid treatment plan is important to your recovery. You can also seek workers’ compensation, so you can focus on your recovery rather than your wages or getting back to work.

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