Exploring your financial options after a New Jersey work injury

The workers’ compensation system is one of the most valuable programs ever put into place by the American government. Before workers’ comp began, workers had few options for financial recovery in the aftermath of a work-related injury.

Now, most injured Toms River, New Jersey workers can feel secure knowing they can access benefits like medical care coverage and lost wage replacement.

Can you sue your employer for your injury?

Generally speaking, New Jersey is like most other states: When an injury occurs during the course of your employment, your sole recourse is workers’ compensation. Through workers’ comp, you can access medical benefits to get treatment for your injuries and some replacement wages during your recovery period.

What about other responsible parties?

Many New Jersey industries rely on materials and equipment acquired from outside manufacturers or vendors. When such items or materials are defective or unreasonably dangerous, it may be possible to file a third-party lawsuit against a manufacturer or supplier for your injuries. 

Similarly, you may be able to hold other parties accountable if their negligence caused your injuries. For example, if you were working a construction site near a road and an errant driver struck you, you could file both workers’ compensation and a third-party injury claim against the driver.

Wanting to get as much compensation as possible after a work injury is understandable, especially if your injuries are severe or catastrophic. In many cases, guidance from a workers’ comp attorney ensures you have explored all financial options at your disposal. An additional benefit of legal counsel involves having a professional help you file an appeal if your valid claim results in a denial of benefits.

We encourage you to learn more by continuing to review our firm’s website. You may also reach out for personalized guidance from our workers’ comp team.

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