What you need to do after suffering a workplace accident

Millions of Americans file for workers’ compensation benefits every year. However, not all claims are successful. Certain actions and mistakes after a workplace accident can prevent you from getting compensation for your injuries.

Here is what you need to do after a workplace accident:

Record the details

If you can, document the details of your accident as soon as it happens. The date, time and what you were doing when the accident occurred are crucial. Any witnesses present or video surveillance footage can help you achieve this. It will go a long way in showing that your accident was not intentional and that you were injured on the job.

Inform your employer

In New Jersey, you have a specified period of 14 days (in most cases) to inform your employer of a workplace accident. Otherwise, they might not be legally obligated to process your claim. It is important to notify them in a written document that captures all details to avoid any issues ahead.

Seek medical attention

Without a doctor’s report of the nature and extent of your injuries, it might not be possible to obtain any worker’s compensation benefits. Therefore, urgently make a point of seeing a certified doctor even for minor injuries.

File your claim on time

You must file a claim within two years if you intend to get compensated for a workplace accident. The two-year window is called the statute of limitations. You cannot bring your claim after the stipulated time, which starts running when you first suffered your injuries or discovered them through diagnosis.

To avoid unnecessary delays or unsuccessful claims, you need to do everything right as soon as you suffer an accident on the job. Learning more about what to expect will ensure you have a smooth process.

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