Safety tips when using a ladder

Whether you’re a builder or an electrician, some jobs that you’re tasked with are going to need to be done at a height. Ladders give you access to places that would otherwise be tricky to reach.

Despite their uses, ladders also have the potential to be dangerous, and falls from a height can cause severe injuries and even death. Outlined below are a few safety tips to keep in mind when using a ladder in the workplace.

Routine inspections

Tools and equipment are only effective when they’re in the right condition. Broken ladders should never be used and should be removed so that they cannot be accessed. Of course, jobs must be completed within a certain time frame, but it’s never worth jeopardizing your safety to meet a deadline.

The right ladder for the job

If you only have to reach a few feet above your standing height, then a smaller step ladder might do the job. When a section of that job requires more height, it might be tempting to try and make that same stepladder work by balancing on one foot to gain an extra few inches. What you should be doing is going and getting a longer, more suitable one.

3 Points of contact

Whenever you’re using a ladder, it’s vital that you maintain three points of contact. You might need to take some tools and equipment up the levels with you, but you shouldn’t carry items in your hands while making your way up a ladder. Consider wearing a tool belt or backpack so that you can always maintain three points of contact.

Even when you’re safety conscious, accidents can still happen in the workplace. If you’ve been severely hurt on the job, make sure you seek legal guidance to pursue a claim for workers’ compensation.

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