5 ways nighttime auto accidents happen

While many drivers don’t like to drive at night, it sometimes can’t be helped. Perhaps you were working late and the sun went down early. Or, you were vacationing and it would be several miles before a rest stop.

To ensure you’re safe on the road, you may need to learn about the following nighttime dangers: 

Low visibility

It’s only natural for people to struggle to see the road in front of them, which is why cars have headlights and many streets are lit up. However, some cars don’t use their lights at night and many more streets have poor or no lighting whatsoever. As a result, an auto accident may occur because of visibility issues.

Blinding lights

Conversely, too much light can make driving harder. For example, people who use their brights may end up blinding other drivers, making it harder for them to see the road. Likewise, a driver who uses their phone or GPS on the road may reduce their visibility. 

Drunk drivers

Because most bars close sometime around midnight, many drunk drivers are on the road at night. Alcohol reduces drivers’ ability to focus on the road, follow traffic laws and judge distances. Drunk drivers have a high risk of causing accidents as a result.


Drowsy driving may be just as bad as drunk driving. Drowsy drivers may suffer from effects that are similar to alcohol. Furthermore, a driver that is tired may fall asleep at the wheel and lose control of their vehicle. 


There are a lot fewer drivers on the road at night. Some drivers may take advantage of this by speeding. Speeding makes it harder for drivers to control their vehicles and suddenly stop before causing an accident.

If you’re in an auto accident and suffering injuries and losses, then you may need to learn about your legal options to get the compensation you deserve.

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