Who’s likely to cause a motor vehicle accident?

While there’s often no telling when an accident will occur, there are several kinds of road users that cause motor vehicle accidents.

By keeping your eyes peeled for these particular road users, you can potentially keep yourself safer by driving with a particularly defensive approach.

Drunk drivers

In no way are drivers capable of driving safely after they have been drinking copiously. Drinking lowers drivers’ focus, responsiveness and coordination while driving. Drunk drivers often cause nighttime accidents, but these crashes can also happen during the day.

Drowsy drivers

While drunk driving is bad, drowsy driving may be equally bad or worse. Drivers who are fatigued often show similar symptoms as drunk drivers. There’s also the chance that a drowsy driver will fall asleep behind the wheel.

Distracted drivers

Distractions while driving can cause fatal accidents. Distracted drivers may look away from the road and even just a second could lead to an accident.

Teen drivers

There are often two kinds of teen drivers: distracted and inexperienced. Distracted teen drivers often use their phones while driving. While inexperienced drivers may cause an accident because of their lack of knowledge of using a vehicle and traversing traffic.

Drivers who speed

Some people enjoy the thrill of speeding through traffic. However, their confidence is often not equal to their control over their vehicle. The higher a driver’s speed, the harder it is for them to control their vehicle.

Road ragers

Some drivers are quick to anger. If a driver acts aggressively, they may try to brake check or tailgate drivers, either of which could cause an accident.


There are many ways a trucker could cause an accident. For example, poor vehicle maintenance and worn brakes could prevent a trucker from stopping.

You will want to learn about your legal options in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Depending on what caused your crash, you may be entitled to significant compensation from an at-fault party.

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