Are you being denied a promotion you deserve?

Discrimination in the workplace can occur at any stage, including during promotion. Employers are required to have reasonable criteria for determining who gets a promotion. It’s illegal to make decisions regarding promotion based on an employee’s identity (race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability status, among others).

But how can you tell you are being discriminated against for a promotion? Here are two things to do to obtain the needed information.

Look at the people being promoted

If you believe your employer denies you promotions you deserve, look at the colleagues being favored. If they have a factor in common, perhaps they belong to the same gender, race or age group, the chances are you are being discriminated against.

You should also be concerned if you have been in the company longer than the people being promoted. Of course, a new employee may be more skilled in the particular position. However, if you are equally, if not more, experienced than them, yet they pass you over for promotions, you should be alarmed.

Ask for a reason

If you show interest in a promotion opportunity but don’t get it, you should ask your employer about the quality you didn’t meet. With structured criteria, they can inform you of how they made the decision and guide you on what to improve to increase your chances for the next promotion. 

However, you may have experienced promotion discrimination if your employer has no reason to give you. Note that they can make up a reason, but after a subsequent denial(s), you should see through this.

If you believe you are missing out on promotions unfairly, you could get legal help to protect your rights.    

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