Practicing safe driving during the summer: 3 tips

It’s summer and like millions, you may be planning a long get-away trip with your family and loved ones. While the sun is out and you should be enjoying your time away, you can’t forget about safe driving practices. 

Here are a few things you should be careful of doing when driving in the summer:

1. Don’t wear sandals 

Sandals are great footwear for the summer. They can help beat the heat and keep your feet from getting sweaty. They’re even easy to slip on and off wherever you go. But, they can also create issues while driving.

Sandals don’t have the same tread on the soles like boots and running shoes. As a result, they can easily slip off the brake if you suddenly have to stop. Drivers may even find it more difficult to move their sandals from the gas pedal to the brake. 

2. Take off your shades in the evening

The sun is going to be high in the sky and burning bright for the next couple of months. You can combat the light by putting on shades. Shades can not only help you see while driving but also reduce glare.

While shades are useful during the day, they can cause issues during the evening. For example, drivers may not notice when the sun is going down when wearing their shades. As a result, they may lose visibility and have issues seeing their surroundings while driving. 

3. Stay hydrated 

One thing that anyone should do during the summer is to stay hydrated (especially drivers). Drivers that don’t constantly drink water are at risk of developing heatstroke. Heatstroke can make drivers dizzy and could cause them to pass out. People who don’t have working windows or AC in their cars are at a higher risk of developing heatstroke. 

What happens if you get into an accident, anyhow?

You now know how to stay safe while driving, but many other drivers don’t. You could end up in an auto accident because another driver wasn’t practicing safe driving techniques in the summer. If this happens, you may need to learn about your legal rights.

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