Why angry drivers are so dangerous 

Some people find driving relaxing. Others view it as a means to an end to their daily commute to work. Whether we realize it or not, driving is actually a very intense activity. 

Staying safe on the road requires road users to make split-second decisions on a regular basis. It only takes one slight error in judgment to cause an accident. As a result, if a driver is angry before setting off or as soon as they get behind the wheel, they are much more dangerous. Here’s why: 

Angry drivers look for confrontations 

Every year, thousands of drivers are injured due to road rage incidents. Some of these occur due to crashes while others stem from assaults that occur when the angry driver leaves their vehicle. In fact, approximately 30 murders per year happen this way. 

Angry road users tend to react poorly to the slightest thing, stuck at a red light or caught up in slow-moving traffic. You may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the reality is, if you cross paths with an angry driver then you are much more likely to get injured. 

Angry drivers make mistakes 

Not all injuries that stem from angry drivers are caused directly by acts of aggression. However, being angry impacts a person’s judgment. Angry drivers are much more likely to become distracted, which means they cannot stop on time or move out of the way should they need to. 

Anger is no excuse for causing road traffic collisions. Aggressive drivers are negligent drivers and you should be able to hold them to account if they’ve caused you injuries. Seeking legal guidance can help you find out more about your options. 

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