Why spinal cord injuries from car crashes can be so expensive

Some car crash injuries are minor. People may experience pain and other short-term symptoms but do not have any significant medical expenses. Their injuries have very little impact on their lives. Other people may have moderate or even catastrophic injuries following a New Jersey car crash.

Spinal cord injuries are among the most severe and most feared crash injuries possible. Spinal cord injuries are often catastrophic but can vary drastically in severity from case to case. People have incomplete injuries that affect motor function but do not cause paralysis. Other people have complete injuries that effectively end all sensation and motor control below the site of the injury. In addition to lifelong symptoms, spinal cord injuries often come with massive expenses due to several concerns.

The medical treatment required

Those who develop a spinal cord injury often require emergency trauma care. They may be in the hospital for weeks after their initial injury and might even require surgery. Going home after the procedure is not necessarily an end to someone’s medical expenses. People may require ongoing physical therapy and other rehabilitative care to maintain muscle tone and minimize symptoms related to a spinal cord injury. The lifetime medical costs for a spinal cord injury can sometimes add up to millions of dollars.

The impact on earning potential

A spinal cord injury affects someone’s ability to keep working in some cases. Those in blue-collar professions may find that they can no longer perform the same job functions as they did before their injuries. Even those in retail and customer service positions may find it difficult to continue working after a spinal cord injury. Some people miss work because of symptoms and the need for ongoing medical care. Certain others may face disability discrimination that can limit their opportunities despite laws prohibiting such conduct.

Many people with spinal cord injuries also require extensive support in their daily lives. They may need to have nursing professionals visit their homes, modify their living space and even change their vehicles to make them wheelchair accessible. The total cost of a spinal cord injury is often many times higher than the amount of liability insurance available after a wreck.

Understanding the long-term financial impact an incident could have may help people more accurately evaluate their options for compensation after a wreck.


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