The psychological burden of burn injuries

If you suffered serious burns in an accident or workplace injury, you already know something about the psychological distress that can accompany your healing. It can be a heavy burden to carry if your burns were disfiguring or greatly limit your mobility.

Your burn injuries can adversely affect every aspect of your life. If you were the breadwinner for your family, you may no longer be able to work. Your relationships with your spouse, children, siblings, extended family and friends can be irrevocably altered. Any further breakdowns in your support system can add to your mental health problems.

What recourse do you have?

Depending on the circumstances of your burn injury, you may want to look online for peer support groups. Members who have experienced similar injuries share their stories of trauma and healing. 

Individual psychotherapy with a licensed counselor might also be beneficial. Healing emotionally and psychologically from your burn injuries is just as vital to your recovery as your physical improvement.

Treatment costs can be expensive

The more severe the burns are, the more costly your medical bills will be. You may also have ongoing and future medical costs that your own health insurance policy might not cover.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to seek damages from the liable parties whose actions or negligence caused or contributed to the burns you suffered. By making them accountable, you can pursue justice for your losses, injuries and other damages through the New Jersey civil court system.

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