Assistance is vital when police accident reports are incorrect

In our injury practice, we sometimes hear from motor vehicle accident victims concerned about a New Jersey police officer’s report. Although these officers strive to be as accurate and factual as possible in their reports, mistakes can happen. There may also be situations in which the victim has more information than law enforcement personnel have.

It might seem as if police reports are the final word concerning motor vehicle accidents, but they can be amended to contain corrected information. For example, if the police took down the wrong personal information (address, insurance provider, etc.), it is a simple matter to have the data changed.

When the incorrect information affects your chances of pursuing an injury claim, it may be harder to have this data corrected. If the incorrect police report data points the blame at you rather than the other driver, then you have a real problem on your hands. Not only does this false information prevent you from seeking compensation in many cases, but it may also put you at risk of facing criminal charges.

Possible solutions when a motor vehicle accident report is wrong:

  • Talk with the police department about your concerns.
  • Be sure police officers document your concerns about false information.
  • Write up your recollection of the crash and have it added to the official police report.
  • Speak with any witnesses that may have observed the crash and collect witness accounts.
  • Take your case to an experienced personal injury law firm.

The last item on the list above is more important than you may think. When you partner with a caring, knowledgeable attorney, you gain experience as well as insight into finding the most effective remedy for your unique circumstances. Please, continue reading our website and blog to learn more about your options in the wake of a motor vehicle accident.

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