Strengthen your motor vehicle accident claim with a few simple steps

A motor vehicle accident can inflict a great deal of trauma on the victims. In many cases, they suffer from one or more severe injuries and must also cope with psychological trauma from the crash. It can take a lot of time for them to recover physically and emotionally. A long recovery time often results in serious financial hardships, which most victims do not know how to manage.

Whether you are trying to acquire compensation from insurance companies or considering a personal injury claim against the negligent party, the chances are high that you could use a little help. We suggest consulting with an attorney for authoritative guidance. Our Toms River, New Jersey, lawyers also recommend following the steps below in the wake of a crash to strengthen your odds of receiving compensation.

  • Call the police right away: The accident report a police officer files can add weight to your motor vehicle accident claim.
  • Exchange information with the other driver: The information you acquire ensures that you or your attorney can remain in contact the other motorist.
  • Report the crash to your insurer: Reporting a crash early helps speed up your claim and allows your insurer to begin an investigation right away.
  • Gather witness statements: When you have one or more witnesses to corroborate your account of the crash, it can strengthen your efforts to acquire compensation.
  • Take photos when possible: Photographic documentation of the scene, the involved vehicles and your injuries can also help your claim.

We invite you to continue exploring our web pages for further information about navigating the civil justice system after a motor vehicle accident. You may also contact our office for caring and compassionate assistance with your claim.

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