You can be left traumatized after a collision

You were injured in a wreck with another driver. While your physical scars are healing, you still face repercussions from the psychological trauma the wreck induced.

Trauma from accidents that were particularly devastating can leave victims struggling to cope with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). This long-term consequence can affect every area of the victims’ lives, leaving them unable to work and fully interact with their families, friends and others they encounter.

While these wounds may be invisible, they may actually be more difficult to overcome than lacerations and broken bones.

Which wrecks lead to lasting trauma?

There’s no real way to pinpoint which collisions will traumatize the victims because all people and accident circumstances are unique. But any accident where there was a loss of life is likely to leave the victims with lingering symptoms of PTSD and/or survivor’s guilt.

Particularly gory collisions where a person is badly injured or maimed can also bring on traumatic episodes in survivors. The victims might replay the moment of the accident over and over in their minds. This type of damage can be incapacitating.

What can victims do after a wreck leaves them psychologically scarred?

If you were in a bad accident and are suffering from PTSD as a result, your damages can be added into your claim for compensation against the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company. Any money you expended on doctor’s visits and counseling for your PTSD can be recouped as part of a claim for damages or personal injury lawsuit.

Make sure that you communicate fully and regularly with your Tom’s River personal injury attorney so your damage claim reflects the true value of your injuries — including all psychological components.

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