Can New Jersey accident victims get pain and suffering damages?

After incurring significant injuries in a motor vehicle accident, most victims worry about how they will pay for the costs associated with a crash. From lengthy hospital stays to lost income from missed work, these victims face severe financial hardships. These concerns, combined with the victim’s physical injuries, usually increase the stress and anxiety victims experience after an accident.

When another motorist causes a collision through negligence, you can seek monetary damages. Economic damages are compensation for medical treatment, lost wages and even travel expenses in some cases. These funds reimburse you for money you already spent on your injuries or cover your medical expenses.

Can you get pain and suffering damages, too?

In many situations, pain and suffering damages are available to victims of negligent accidents. However, to get the best results, consider reaching out for assistance from a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help you show the court how you suffered in the wake of an accident, potentially maximizing the compensation you acquire.

Courts look at several factors before ruling on pain and suffering damages. These factors include:

  • How the injury alters or limits your daily routine
  • How the injury affects your personal and work relationships
  • How the injury impacts your lifestyle (sleep, sexual relations, etc.)
  • How the injury might affect your life on a long-term basis

Unlike other states, New Jersey does not limit the amount of pain and suffering damages you may pursue after an accident. Judges or juries examine all the factors related to the crash and then decide how much you deserve for your suffering.

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