Why are New Jersey roadways so dangerous during the summer?

The summer is the one season of the year when teenagers are out of high school and college students are home. As a parent, you may find yourself ushering your child to different activities to keep them busy or heading out with the family on day trips or vacations. You may also be enjoying a celebratory barbeque or leaving work early to soak up a little extra sunshine.

As you might imagine, if you take the already heavy traffic here in Toms River and combine it with summertime traffic, this makes for more congested roadways. It also means that there’s a more significant likelihood of someone getting hurt in an accident, especially given the amount of young, inexperienced drivers on the road. Traffic congestion isn’t the only summertime driving danger you need to worry about, though.

Construction issues

Here in New Jersey, you’re likely aware of how residents describe there being two seasons — snow and construction season. Road construction crews take advantage of the warm summer to tackle all sorts of projects that may leave roads closed, requiring you to follow detours. You may also come upon an area where the speed is lower from what it used to be or not notice barricades. A motorist may not notice it, putting the road workers and you at significant risk of getting hurt.

Tire integrity concerns

Temperature variations don’t bode well for tire performance. The hotter it gets, the more likely your tire may burst. Many motorists lose control of their vehicles when this happens, sending a driver careening into oncoming traffic.

Intoxicated motorists on holidays

The summer is one of the seasons with the most deadly holidays. July 4th leads all other annual holidays in terms of alcohol-related crash rates. Memorial Day follows close behind. Labor Day also ranks high up on that list. The leading cause of these crashes is drunk driving, although inexperienced motorists, such as teenagers, also contribute to many of these accidents.

You have rights if an accident leaves you injured

Inclement weather, speed, inexperienced motorists, intoxication and traffic congestion don’t mix well. The combination of these factors can leave you with severe injuries that can be costly to treat.

Fortunately, New Jersey law may allow you to recover compensation for your damages. You may want to spend more time learning about your rights before deciding whether to file a claim.


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