Do people ever recover after car crash spinal cord injuries?

The speed at which motor vehicles travel and the weight of those vehicles make collisions incredibly dangerous events. Although some collisions only cause property damage, they can also be fatal for the people involved.

Occasionally, motor vehicle collisions result in permanent injuries that will affect someone’s income and quality of life forever. Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst injuries possible in car crashes, and motor vehicle collisions are currently a leading cause of injuries to the spine.

Many people coming to terms with a spinal cord injury feel hopeless, but there is hope available for those adjusting to a spinal cord injury.

Incomplete injuries present a chance for recovery

Not all spinal cord injuries cut through or sever the spinal cord. Some of them only pinch or partially cut the spinal cord, meaning that the body can recover given proper support and enough time.

Accurate diagnosis, appropriate stabilization and ongoing physical therapy may all help someone recover motor function below the site of an incomplete spinal cord injury. While some persistent symptoms may remain, people can eventually resume walking on their own and even performing many of the same job tasks they previously did.

There is hope on the horizon for those with complete injuries

Although it will be a long time before such medical technology is readily accessible to the public, scientists have announced a major breakthrough in the treatment of complete spinal cord injuries.

The use of implanted electrodes powered by pacemakers and extensive therapy has helped three adult men in the United States regain the ability to walk after a complete spinal cord injury. The presence of several inches of healthy spinal cord below the injury site and extensive Rehabilitation support helped these men learn how to walk again despite the total loss of sensation below the sight of the injury.

While it may be some time before such treatment is readily available, it is a beacon of hope for those who worry about spending the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. Excellent medical care and accommodations from employers can help those with spinal cord injuries continue living full, productive and meaningful lives despite the limitations caused by their crash-related injury.

Understanding your prognosis can help you determine how much compensation you may require for a major injury after a car crash.

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