Why do some drivers commit hit-and-run accidents?

Hit-and-run accidents are an increasing occurrence on American roads. They grew from 1,342 in 2010 to 1,939 in 2019. Moreover, drivers between the ages of 25 and 34 made up the majority of hit-and-run fatalities.

Though drivers should hold themselves accountable for their mistakes, some refuse and will do everything possible to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Here are a few reasons why they commit hit-and-run accidents.

They’re in the middle of committing a crime

Some drivers who cause hit-and-run accidents are in the midst of committing a crime such as theft. For instance, a driver immediately leaves the scene after crashing into a vehicle because they just robbed someone’s home and don’t want law enforcement to catch them.

They fear the consequences stemming from the crash

Perhaps the driver is a teen speeding at the encouragement of their buddies. Suddenly, they collide with another vehicle, severely hurting the driver. The teen driver is afraid of how their parents will react and hurriedly leaves with their friends.

They’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Impaired drivers cannot see well or think clearly. Therefore, when they crash into another car, they’re too disoriented to notice or care about their own behavior or the well-being of the victims.

They don’t want their insurance premiums to increase

Alas, hit-and-run incidents can make car insurance premiums go up. And it’s not just the perpetrators who have to deal with increased premiums. Sometimes, hit-and-run victims have to pay higher premiums, too.

Hit-and-run accidents cause monetary, physical and emotional harm. But, there may be hope when you seek justice for it. If you or a loved endured a devasting hit-and-run accident, experienced legal guidance can help you learn more about the compensation available. 

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