Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

When a person becomes totally disabled, he or she may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, should this disability occur prior to eligibility for Social Security Retirement Benefits. One should keep in mind, when working with Social Security, you can choose a representative to actually work for you. The Social Security Administration will work with your representative, such as an attorney, providing the appropriate form is executed and submitted.

Should you become totally disabled, you should apply for Social Security Disability Benefits immediately. Those benefits will not begin until the sixth full month of your disability. It should be further noted that there is a one month waiting period for benefits. This waiting period begins with the first full month that Social Security determines you to be totally disabled.

Applications can be made by telephone, or via the internet. If an application is made over the phone, an appointment for same should be made with a representative of Social Security in advance.

When applying for benefits, one should keep in mind that it does take longer to process disability claims than to process general retirement claims. This is greatly due to the time it takes to gather, review and assess the nature of your disability and whether you are able to work in any capacity.

An attorney can be helpful in submitting your application for benefits. Working on your behalf, an attorney can be assigned as your representative. All correspondence will then flow through your attorney’s office. This will enable the attorney to facilitate the process by gathering the necessary medical evidence, as well as financial information that is reviewed by the Administration.

Should you initially be denied benefits, the attorney can be most helpful in appealing said decision. Furthermore, attorneys who specialize in social security disability benefits applications will be able to assist you in filing in the most expeditious manner. Then, in the event of a necessary appeal, your attorney will have a file containing organized evidence to help facilitate your appeal.

Should you have any questions regarding this information or filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, you can contact the attorneys at R.C. Shea & Associates and an attorney will be glad to assist you.

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